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How to Market Your Business on Instagram When You Are Starting Up?

How can hashtags and pictures be the marketing strategy? A lot of startups are engaged in making “attractive” website, developing a blog and trying to stand out in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram is a great way to market your services and products, bring traffic to your website and enhance audience engagement. Here’s why Instagram is supposed to be a leading marketing tool for your business.

Choose Visuals Wisely

You must have a unique ‘persona’ if you are marketing on other platforms already. You know your buyers very well. So, now you have to find out what kind of photos, images, hashtags and words to use. You need to look at the posts of other business appealing the same audience. Not all businesses face direct competition. Craft your posts by getting inspiration from such businesses.

Use Attractive Hashtags

As you have very limited space to put any text on the images or photos, you can use a catchy hashtag to enhance use engagement. You can use tool to get some basic insights. Once you will know how to enhance your following, you can easily enhance a special hashtag to improve your reach. Use a CTA and reserve the picture description for some of the catchy lines.

The Geotagging Feature

There are lots of users who use this feature in order to look for locations that are geographically convenient for them. Suppose a user looks for Starbucks in nearest location, if they used the geo-tagging feature, Starbucks’s Instagram posts will be seen in the search results. It is best way to get some additional exposure in searches.

Seek User Engagement

You may want your viewers to connect with you. When a photo or image is posted, you need to ask a question. Ask them to tap twice if they disagree and once if they agree. You may ask for their answers in your comment section for your open-ended questions. Ask your users to tag their friends to share your question.  You can generate lots of followers by just asking questions on the post. You may ask questions in captions and they are positioned on the image.

Ask Visitors Do Something to Promote Your Brand

You need to get as much information as possible without diminishing the image which is your focal point. You can get a bit in one post. It can spread your brand and increase more followers count.












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